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Professional Translation Services

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Professional Translation Services

  • For the world's most widely used languages
  • Provided by professional native translators
  • Fast | Affordable | On-time

Services include:

  • Document & Website Translations
  • Website & Software Localization
  • Dubbing (voice-over) & Transcriptions
  • Same-day/Overnight Translations


Some of the language pairs we translate:

german German-to-English Translation English-to-German Translation english
french French to English Translations English to FrenchTranslations english
spanish (spain) Spanish to English English to Spanish english
spanish (mexico) 'Border-Spanish' to English English to 'Border-Spanish' english
italian Italian to English English to Italian english
chinese Chinese to English English to Chinese english
japanese Japanese to English English to Japanese english
korean Korean to English English to Korean english
arabic Arabic to English English to Arabic english
russian Russian to English English to Russian english
portuguese Portuguese to English English to Portuguese english
  Hindi to English English to Hindi english
urdu Urdu to English English to Urdu english
  Bahasa Indonesia to English English to Bahasa Indonesia english
farsi Farsi to English English to Farsi english
malay Malay to English English to Malay english
latin Latin to English English to Latin english
plus various central and eastern European languages.
Contact us, if your language pair is not listed. There might be a chance that we still have a translator.


7 reasons for choosing us?

  1. Experience
    • We are in business since 1996, formally registered in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1998, and renamed as 'Texas Translations' in 2002.
  2. Strict adherence to deadlines
  3. Quality
    • We commit ourselves to conformance with international translation standards, in particular EN 15038:2006.
    • All translators are professionals and native speakers in the respective target language.
  4. A proven track record of satisfied customers
  5. Availability around-the-clock
    • We have a second office in China, so there is always someone available to answer your calls, e-mails or requests for quote.
  6. Affordable
    • Many of our translators are freelancers and work from their home offices.
    • Imagine us as a pool of language service professionals managed from a central location at minimum fixed costs due to the absence of overhead, social security, etc.
  7. Confidentiality
    • All material provided by our clients is treated strictly confidential by us and our translators, who themselves signed agreements not to disclose any content received from us to any third parties.

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